Account Updater Service

Service/Purpose :

Account Updater is a service which ensures automatic update of expiration date changes, account number changes, account closures, brand migrations between Visa and MasterCard, and more. All accounts are extracted for updates on request from merchants. It reduces the risk of losing revenue by ensuring that the card data on file is the most up to date and accurate. 

 Benefits :

  • Reduce excessive authorization declines and retain more revenue.
  • Reduce costs of manually updating payment data.
  • Reduce unnecessary customer interaction and risk of service cancellation.
  • Minimize staff contact with payment data.

Platform provided by Base Commerce :

Base Commerce aims at providing Account Updater Service to their merchants.This product ensures that our recurring billing merchants have their card holder data updated for uninterrupted payments service. Below are the key steps how it is operated :


Enabling a merchant for Account Updater Service.

In order to use the Account Updater Service, the setting must be enabled on the merchant account by the Base Commerce customer service team.

Check for status :



  • After a new request arrives, it is sent to the network for the update.Base Commerce sends (a batch) the account details or tokens to the network for the update. While network processes and sends a response, the status remains as PENDING.
  • If the account is already updated then the status returned is FULFILLED.

4Sending Push Notification.Once the updated file is handled and parsed, a push notification is sent to the merchant/partner informing about the update

Object Details

For BankCardUpdateRequest

getBankCardUpdate()BankCardUpdateThe Bank Card Update is returned.


JSONObjectThe JSON representation of the BankCardUpdate object.
getMessages()ArrayList<String> Returns the array of error messages the Bank Card has.

Push Notifications  

Base Commerce's Account Updater platform provides the capability of delivering push notification for requests that are fired. If the account is already updated, the status FULFILLED is instantly returned. However, for the update of every PENDING request, a push message is generated if the message url is enabled.  

How to setup a Push Notification for a Bank Card Update

1. Enable Push notification URL

Log into your Merchant account portal and enter the Push notification URL where you want to receive push notifications. This is done in the Settings page.

2. Write software to handle push messages at the URL provided.

For push notification on Bank Card Update the type will be set as PushNotification.XS_PN_TYPE_BANK_CARD_UPDATE. The json string is composed of :

  • Original Card Number
  • Original Token Number
  • Original Expiration Month
  • Original Expiration Year
  • Updated Card NUmber
  • Updated Expiry Month
  • Updated Expiry Year
  • Updated Date
  • Latest Request Date
  • Creation Date
  • Status
BaseCommerceClient o_client = new BaseCommerceClient( XS_USERNAME, XS_PASSWORD, XS_KEY );
PushNotification o_push_notification = o_client.handlePushNotification(s_push_notification);
if(o_push_notification!=null) {
      if(o_push_notification.isNotificationType(PushNotification.XS_PN_TYPE_BANK_CARD_UPDATE)) {
                BankCardUpdate o_bank_card_update = o_push_notification.getBankCardUpdate();
                if(o_bank_card_update != null) {
                    System.out.println("Status :" + o_bank_card_update.getStatus());
                    System.out.println("original Card Number :" + o_bank_card_update.getOriginalNumber());
                    System.out.println("original Token Number :" + o_bank_card_update.getOriginalToken());
                    System.out.println("Updated Card Number :" + o_bank_card_update.getUpdatedNumber());
                    System.out.println("Updated Card Number Expiry Month :" + o_bank_card_update.getUpdatedExpirationMonth());
                    System.out.println("Updated Card Number Expiry Year :" + o_bank_card_update.getUpdatedExpirationYear());
					System.out.println("Date of Update :" + o_bank_card_update.getUpdatedDate());
					System.out.println("Status of Update :" + o_bank_card_update.getStatus());

More information on Push Notifications can be found in the Push Notifications area of our documentation.