Push Notification Platform FAQ

Is a notification sent for each transaction?

Each ACH Return, Chargeback, and some Status changes on a transaction will result in an individual push notification being sent. When transactions are batched and settled, this will not result in a push notification being sent for each transaction, but a Merchant Batch push notification being sent will contain a list of transaction IDs that are settled as part of that batch. Merchant's batch once every 24 hours so you will receive the settlement batch push notifications when that happens.

What happens if a Push Notification cannot be delivered?

In the event that your server does not respond to our post request when the platform sends the push notification, we will add the notification back to the queue until is is able to be delivered. We will also send a notification email to you indicating that we were unable to deliver the notification in an effort to alert you of a potential problem on your system.   

Can I choose which transaction I want to be notified on?

Currently, push notifications are either enabled or disabled at the Merchant level. If you have push notifications enabled (by providing a URL to post push notifications to in the Merchant Portal / Settings), you will receive all push notifications on all transactions. You can choose to discard notifications in your system by not processing certain types of notifications. 

What details can I find in the Settlement Batch Change Push Notification?

The Settlement Batch Change Push Notification contains the total amount and count of credits and debits in the batch, the projected settlement date (date this batch will post to the Merchant's account), and a list of all of the Base Commerce transaction IDs that are included in the settlement batch.

How do I handle Notice of Changes using the Push Notification Platform?

Notice of Changes that are received from the RDFI are sent using the ACH Change Push Notification. This notification will contain the NOC code in the notification, as well as the updated details as provided by the RDFI.

How do I test the Push Notification System?

  1. Create a web service function on your system to handle push notifications. Follow the documentation at Push Notification Code Samples for an example on what this function should look like.
  2. Log into the Virtual Terminal at
  3. Click on Settings in the navigation.
  4. Enter in the URL to your web service function in the Push Notification URL section and select Save. Note: the URL must begin with https://.
  5. Click on the Test button in the Push Notification URL section to send over two push notifications to the URL you entered.
  6. The two push notifications sent will each contain one Settlement Batch.

One Settlement Batch will contain:

o_settlement_batch.getBankAccountTransactionCreditAmount() should equal 100.25
o_settlement_batch.getBankAccountTransactionCreditCount() should equal 2
o_settlement_batch.getBankAccountTransactionDebitAmount() should equal 300.50
o_settlement_batch.getBankAccountTransactionDebitCount() should equal 3 

o_settlement_batch.getBankAccountTransactionIDs() should equal a list containing the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The other Settlement Batch will contain:

o_settlement_batch.getBankCardTransactionCreditAmount() should equal 69.25
o_settlement_batch.getBankCardTransactionCreditCount() should equal 2
o_settlement_batch.getBankCardTransactionSaleAmount() should equal 234.56
o_settlement_batch.getBankCardTransactionSaleCount() should equal 3

o_settlement_batch.getBankCardTransactionIDs() should equal a list containing the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5