Response Codes

Response Code Value

Response Code Message

0001Duplicate Request (Approved Previously)
0002Partial Amount Approved
0003Duplicate Request (Declined Previously)
0004Reversal Not Allowed
0005Return Not Allowed
0006Supervisor Override Required
0007Modify Transaction Not Allowed
0008Possible Duplicate Request
0009Duplicate Request (Reversed previously)
0010Inactive Terminal
0011Device (Terminal) Configuration Missing
0012Insufficient Privileges
0013Incremental Auth Not Allowed
0020Inactive Account
0021Merchant (Account) Configuration Missing
0022Processor Configuration Missing
0023Merchant Already Active
0030Unique ID Error
0050Inactive Terminal
0060Inactive Account
0070Relates to a Unique Hardware Identifier for that Terminal
0080Duplicate Request (Backend)
0090Reversal Not Allowed (Backend)
0091Return Not Allowed (Backend)
0092Request Format Error (Backend)
0093Encryption Failure From Host
0910Time Out
0911System Error
0912Error on Host
2001Refer to Issuer
2002Suspected Card (Pick UP, Hot-Card)
2003Honor with Identification
2004Invalid Amount
2005Invalid Card
2006No Such Issuer
2007Invalid Fee
2008Incorrect PIN
2009Pin Attempts Exceeded
2010Key Synchronized Failed from Host
2011Expired Card
2012Insufficient Funds
2013Invalid from Account
2014Invalid to Account
2015Withdrawal Limit Exceeded
2016Withdrawal Frequency Exceeded
2017Time Limit for Pre-Auth Reached
2018AVS Failed
2019Billing Zip Match
2020CVV2 Verification Failed
2021Issuer or Switch Imperative
2022Duplicate Transaction (Same amount / Account)
2023Balance Unavailable for Inquiry
2024Check Digit Error
2025Excluded BIN ID for Merchant
2026Do Not Honor
2027AVS and CVV2 Failed
2028Invalid Date
2029Invalid Service
2030Host Validation Error
2031Activity Limit Exceeded
2032Cannot Complete Because of Violation
2033Debit Pin Required
2034Blocked BIN by Issuer/Type
2035Check Service Authentication Failure
2039Could Not Retrieve a Valid Card Number for Token
2040Invalid Card – Mod 10 Check Failed
2041Duplicate Card
2042No Card Found for the BIN
2043Surcharge amount not permitted on debit / EBT
2044Surcharge amount not supported by debit network issuer
2049Card authentication failed
2050Re-enter transaction
2051Terminal ID error, invalid Merchant identifier
2052Pick up card (no fraud)
2053General Error
2055Invalid transaction
2056No Action, Unable to back out transaction
2057No reply, file temporarily unavailable
2058No credit account
2059No check account
2060No savings account
2061Service not allowed, not permitted - Card
2062Service not allowed, not permitted - Terminal
2063Service not allowed, not permitted - Merchant
2064Security violation
2065Unsolicited reversal, no match
2066No action, Inconsistent data, reversed, or repeat
2067No account
2068No financial impact (reversal response to declined original)
2069Cannot verify PIN
2070Invalid routing, destination not found
2071POS device authentication successful
2072POS device authentication not successful
2073POS device deactivation successful
2074Card type verification error
2075Transaction failure due to missing or invalid 3D-secure crypto
2076Encryption is not configured
2077Terminal is not authenticated
2078Data could not be encrypted
2079Account length error, verify error
2080Check digit error, verify error
2081CID format error, verify error
2082Hierarchy verification error
2083Token request was processed
2084Tokenization is not configured
2086Data could not be de-tokenized
2087Mastercard: Canada region-issued domestic debit transaction not allowed
2088Cash back service not available 
2089Service not allowed, Contact Merchant Services / Technical Support
2090Customer requested stop of specific recurring payment
2091Customer requested stop of all recurring payments from specific merchant
2092All recurring payments have been canceled for the card number
2093Invalid ABA number
2094Amount greater than limit
2095Daily threshold exceeded
7000Record Not Found
7001Invalid User_ID
7002Invalid Password
7003User Locked **Call 1-800-848-5826
7004Invalid Security Question/Answer
7005User Already Logged In
7006Force Password Change
7007User Inactive **Call 1-800-848-5826
7008Operator Not Found
7009Expired Client Password
7010Invalid Host ID
7011Client Authentication Failed
7012Invalid User or Password
7013Multiple Users with Same Email (Enter Login ID)
7100General Login Decline
7110Invalid Password Length
7500Record Not Found (Backend)
9000Validation Error
9100AVS Required
9101Postal Code Does Not Match
9102Street Address Does Not Match
9103Issuing Bank Does Not Support AVS
9106AVS System Error
9110CVV Required
9111CVV Does Not Match
9112CVV Not Provided