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  • What is important to note is that, managing the Base Commerce Tokens is the responsibility of the Integrator.
    • If the payment is deemed as one time,
      • [commonly preferred by merchants] and no token was created, instead a direct charge was done. Then there is no action needed when it comes to managing / housekeeping of tokens.
      • and Base Commerce Token was created for the one time payment. The responsibility lies on the Integrator to delete the Base Commerce Token by making a ‘deleteBankCard’ or ‘deleteBankAccount’ SDK call to BaseX with the token to be deleted.
    • If the payment is deemed as one of future recurring payments, the responsibility of saving the Base Commerce Token in Integrator's software system and using it in future payments fall on them. This will save the Integrator from having multiple Base Commerce Tokens for the same customer and Card/ACH combination.

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